B772 cleared to land No.2 "behind Cessna"

I was tracking back 325 from ‘BIG’ VOR towards EGLL. Recieved clearance to land No.2 27L. looked outside… What the!!..Cessna!!! Slowed down to final speed. waiting, waiting…after 4 min ATC “Pls do 360 for spacing”. Expected.😀😀😀Lesson 4 everyone b772 flies faster then Cessna.

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@AviationJunkie I could have gone 360 degree and do 90 for 270, but it would have been better to sequence me behind the jet on 27R. On busy airport with full traffic on left wind this would make mess.

Just because you’re in the bigger, faster aircraft doesn’t make you more important than the “little guy.” In real life the smaller aircraft would have been sequenced before you too. Have you seen the mess a Cessna makes in the floor when it hits your wake turbulence?

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@Nigel_Wright It wasn’t about who had priority. 777 fly faster then Cessna. He waited 4 min b4 given me 360. If I tried myself go out of the way to make space still I would catchup Cessna. If I do 360/180 myself isn’t breaking rules? My point was lesson learned for everyone. And not end up like this situation on busy day. 😀😀

Maintain slowest practical speed xD

@Laurens I also mentioned, I slowed down to final speed😀 160kts. If I had gone any slower I would mess up my landing😉

I think a 772 slowest practical speed is still about x2 the speed of a cessna though so I would have thought a reasonable strategy on this is to get the cessna to do the 360 and allow the 772 to go-ahead.

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160 knots is pretty fast! What’s your gross weight?

The slowest practical speed (flaps 30) for an empty Boeing 777-200ER is 122 knots.

Thanks, I didn’t know that. I think a rough final approach speed for a cessna is around 80 kts so I guess a 40 odd knot difference is going to erode that separation pretty quickly.

Yes when I get .5/1mile I slowed down between 150/160 depends on the nose angle I use only flap 25, maybe I got used to what 77w uses. I thought all 777 use flap 25 in real world, I don’t know why but they do I heard about it lot. This is my weight 247.223 mine lands perfect between 150/160

@Laurens No way I can land my baby at 122kts, unless it look funny, this was the plane on glideslope when the incident happen.


Usually the 777s land with flaps 30.
According to that gross weight:
If it was the B77W final speed should be Vref 30 + 5 (151 kts + 5 kts).
If it was the B772 final speed should be Vref 30 (157 kts).
So you were almost right!
But that’s not a typical landing weight…

Seeing that pic, I strongly recommend you to use the Trim.
100% for all 777s

Hmmm, I should research more about flap 25/30, I knew in the book it’s flap 30 but I heard some pilot prefer and use flap 25. I gotta find out why. 👍

The picture doesn’t justify the angle😀Yeh I should, I don’t know why I don’t touch it, I’m about 2 degree nose up I get comfortable 😀😀😀, thanks I will try using.

LOL thanks for the laugh man.

I thought that it was first-come-first-serve where they’d send the aircraft that arrived first into approach, then have the other wait until the wake turbulence subsides.

Long live the DC-9!