B767 cockpit view unavailable

Hi everyone, just thought I’d like to ask if anyone has and information as to why I can’t access cockpit camera in the 767? It’s the first time in a while I’ve gone to fly in this aircraft so I don’t know if this is a thing that’s been happening for a while, or if it’s just me

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It seems like that some aircraft cockpit’s view was removed for some aircraft such as the B763 and F-18. Thanks!


Adding on from what has been mentioned above, check out this reply below for more:

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If you really want a cockpit view (even though there’s not much to see anyway), though, the drone camera is always avaliable.

Nice one mate, I knew they were naming some of their older aircraft as legacy I just didn’t know about the cockpits

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Yeah, no worries mate. Hopefully once they rework said aircraft mentioned above, they’ll have some nice cockpits that we can appreciate.


Yeah fingers crossed pal, cheers mate

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If you still want to sit in the cockpit, you can use the free cam / interior drone to view it (at least on the 767). That’s what I’ll do, I don’t like flying with just the HUD or using the exterior cameras.

Yeah I just tried the inside drone and it worked

But where is the Action Button ,Is that removed too.?

Check out Seb’s reply below regarding the actions tab:

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I’ve wanted to fly with a 767 from Phuket to Frankfurt. As I wanted to take off I’ve noticed that there is no Cockpit view.
As you can see in the screenshot below there was no chance to choose the Cockpit view

In any other Lagacy Aircraft I’m able to choose the Cockpit view.

Is there anything I can do to redeem access to this view.

Device: Wiko View 3 Pro
Operating system: Android 9

Its been removed. You can still use the interior drone cam and move it to the cockpit if you wish… (idea by @AvioesEJogos lmao)

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