B757s At Newark Intl

My First Post In Forever…

Today As part of todays new Boeing 757 update, I Flew From Kingston To New York City (Newark) On United’s B757-200. As I arrived at my destination gate, I encountered another United B757 Parked at it’s gate. My aircraft is on the left

Flight Details:

Route: Kingston (MKJP) - New York / Newark (KEWR)
Aircraft: United B757-200
Flight Time: 3:25


Yea EWR was a big hub today with the 757 I did EWR - SFO this morning on ua 752 and there were 14 other people in 752’s there.

Nice shots, gud job showin luv tuh JA.

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Nowhere in the rules does it state that you need to use the built-in replay mode. Amazing shot, glad to see Newark finally getting the attention it deserves.