B757 Trump livery permitted?

Hey guys !
So I searched for the B757 with the Trump livery because I would find it quiet interesting to see it in IF but the I read that it is permitted because of political options or something like that …
I don‘t understand that because ok now Trump is still the president but maybe in some years he won‘t (personally I don‘t care) but why is a Patriot 767 livery not permitted ?
I mean this could also be an „insult“ for every Seahawk fan.
I would appreciate it if someone would explain in to me 🙂
If this topic gets directly closed … I won‘t understand it, too because it‘s a normal question

Good day!

There has been a number of feature requests for this specific livery in the past;

E.g - Donald Trump's Boeing 757-2J4 "N757AF"

The overall decision was made that these type of “political” liveries will not be introduced into Infinite Flight due to the following reason:


See this comment written by Tyler. Valid for the Trump livery as well