B757 glitch?

Hey, I have issues with the boeing 757-200, for some reason, when I press pushback, nothing happens? Whats going on? I also have problems with heavies like 777s getting stuck while pushing back.
Anyone else undergoing these issues?
Help would be useful, thanks in advance!

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Is this only on the B757?

What have you done in an effort to resolve it?

  • Restarted the app?
  • Restart phone?
  • Redownload Infinite Flight?

Only on 757, I have restarted my phone, I have restarted the app, also cleared ram. Nothings changed.

Can you tell me what stand and airport your currently at I’m going to see if I can produce the same scenario on my end

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Im right now on training server Kastrup airport Gate B09, preparing to leave to EGLL, SAS a330

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I’ve just replicated the same issue it starts to pushback then stops after a few feet, maybe one for the devs to look at.

Known issue. Reduce weight for pushback solves it for now.