B757-200 weird on takeoff


I was flying a B757 200 today and when rolling on Takeoff the plane nose went down. How can this happen ?

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Have you calibrated properly? Have you applied trim?

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I think so. But independently of trim and calibration how can nose gear go below ground ?

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With enough forward pressure and speed some (not all) planes will dive their nose gears into the ground. I think the IF 757 is particularly susceptible to this because of how soft its nose gear suspension is.



On an unrelated note, I also found the 757’s rudder to be abnormally sensitive.


could be cache as well

I will try to delete cache and check again

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@Pilot_InfiniteFlight like to jump in here ik ur u fly the 757

How did you position the yolk did you face the device face down?

Yes. But this does not happen with other planes

That happens to me. At takeoff speed when i dont take off it does that. Its normal dont worry about it.

well he was trying to lift off. i dont think the rudder had anything to do with his problem.

I think it’s just a suspension travel/softness thing. Just a theory, but I think the 757’s front gear probably has damping coefficient that is too small for the game to model. It allows way too much (mathematical) travel (as you can see with the nose dipping) but it’s impossible for the game to render the nose gear being that short for whatever reason so it visually looks like it’s going into the ground. That would explain why the nose gear can easily be pulled out of the ground by just rotating the aircraft. In other words, the nose gear isn’t actually underground, but rather the game is unable to model a front gear that short on a 757 leading to the mathematical position of the nose wheel to be on the ground but the visual position under it. Since the game uses mathematical position and not visual position to calculate forces, this doesn’t induce a crash and the gear pulls out of the ground no problem because it was never actually under it from the backend’s perspective. Just a theory.

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