B757-200 Test Flight

Hey so the 757 is a beauty (big thx to devs for the update). With that being said I think it would be good for a Test flight from Atlanta International to John f Kennedy on Christmas Eve. For more details, reach out to me on Discord: lucason240hz(CEO of yes)#8822

B757-200 (Delta)


December 24,2020 12:00pm EST

Casual Server

See you there!

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Sounds like a fun flight, though according to #live:groupflights rules, you may only post a group flight within 3 hours of planned departure time


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Maybe you can make this an event in #live:events! Just add a little info and it would be a fun event.

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Hi there, I would suggest that you take a look at this topic about group flights

Happy to see you enjoying the 757 and creating topics

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Must be within 3 hours, Sorry.