B757 - 200 must be comming soon

Do we know the approximate time for the 757 release date? People are saying the AIP isnt on the plane photos anymore and they are done with the liveries. Doesent this mean the 757 will be comming very soon?

It will probably be coming before Christmas or after Christmas, not on Christmas day.

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We know it’s gonna come before the holidays

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It can be tomorrow or in 3000.


All we know is that its coming before christmas

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Hi there!

IF don’t give release dates. What we do know though is that they are aiming for before the end of this year - should all go to plan. However, this could always change based on a number of different factors.

Keep an eye on the tracking thread for further updates.


You’ll know after you drink 20 jugs of eggnog.

Or is that a trip to the emergency room instead? Can’t really tell.