B757-200 Issue/Upgrade?

I noticed when I was flying the B752 yesterday that when you level out and place it on AP the plane flies with the nose down. I was flying at 12,000 ft, no trim, no flaps about 350kts(airspeed). It is the only plane in this game that I have flown that does that. Is it supposed to fly like that? if not, I suggest this plane to be the next upgrade. Maybe a cockpit upgrade as well?


The 757 is an older model and should get upgraded sometime soon. Difficulties come with these older aircraft and aren’t really worth anything compared to the newer ones

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A lot of the airplanes do this to me.


thanks I will try a slower speed

I have more issue trying to move both the 757 and also the C17 on the ground, you need about 50% thrust just to get them moving…which am sure is not realistic!


oh trust me, I know. I use about 32% thrust for the 757 to move it along.


If you fly too fast, the lift is stronger. You also see this if you use the flaps at speeds faster than you should, you see the heading go up, then the autopilot puts the nose down to maintain the altitude. You see the opposite when you land, at low speeds, the nose goes up and the heading down. That’s what I think.

But its an IAP, meaning that it has more chances of being fixed that the 737s (which don’t have ground effect).

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Flying with no trim is unusual because all airplanes have some degree of trim when leveling out. That could be the problem. Also 350 knots at 12,000 is over speed if not mentioned before

Do you also have to wait 30 seconds till it starts pushing back? This happens everytime for me

Old model issue! Check other topics on the nose down tendencies…

Not flown the B757 for a while so not sure on that.

Try it maybe its just my device but everytime i push back in the 757 it waits for 30-40seconds:(

Use that time to make an FPL

I make my FPL before i push but anyways…ahaha

Try reducing your airspeed to 290 kias or 280 kias

Buddy, this conversation happened over three years ago.


Vote for this for a rework of the 757.