B752 | Central Valley Landing

Hey IFC! Today I have a simple picture of me landing at Fresno Int’l Airport using the AmericaWest Boeing 757-200. Fresno is a very underrated airport located in the heart of the California Central Valley.

Fun fact! California’s Central Valley grows more specific produce than many other states in the Union. It even accounts for over half of all fruits, vegetables, and nuts grown in the US along with 8% of all produce grown in the United States! (Which is a lot when you look at all the farmland in the Midwest)

Server: Solo
Airline/Aircraft: AmericaWest B757-200
Airport: Fresno Air Terminal (KFAT)

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Thanks for stopping by!


That detail 🤯. Love that photo and great job! 👍🏽

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Tried to make the editing retro 😂

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It definitely is retro lovely job.

I usually drive a Dash from KONT or KLAX to KFAT.
It’s a nice run indeed.


Whoops wrong place

Nice photo though 👀

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Yeah underrated for sure

That is an amazing shot!

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Thank you!

awesome picture also great airline choice!

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Thanks! Yeah only US carrier without winglets 😂

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