B747 Shuttle Carrier Engine Bug

Hello there is an Bug with the Engines of the B747 Shuttle Carrier. When the Engines are of the nose cones are black/gray as normal but when they are running they turning White


If I am correct, it is supposed to be that way? The older planes in IF don’t have defined engine cones and swirls, so they just look like they don’t have the cone. Sometimes the cones on airplanes have been painted all white. I’m not sure I’ll look on my IF to see.

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As you can see in this photo, this shuttle carrier’s cones are painted all white. Maybe that is what this is. Also this is a shuttle carrier, it just has not shuttle on it at the time.

(Image credit: NASA/Tony Landis)

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Wait… I think I read your claim backwards. If the engines are not white when off, but are when on, than this is a bug. Sorry for the mistake. Hopefully someone can help you out!


No problem 😅 hoping that it will get fixed soon.

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