B747... hard to control

I’m now flying all over the world on IF and I chose B747 to fly today.

Final approach to Delhi, it was getting difficult when it got speed down.
Because it was really sensitive despite the body is huge.
Then I landed from a front tyre and spun 2 times 🤦‍♂️

If you can control 747 well, what’s your tips for it?


My greatest piece of advice is to practice.

Nobody can tell you how to fly an aircraft, you won’t learn until you get a feel for the way it responds and handles.

There are some obvious tips, such as making sure your approach speeds are reasonable enough that you don’t stall or loose control, and remember that you’re higher up in a 747 cockpit so you need to flare slightly earlier. If your landing speed is too high, the front will pitch down (hence the nosewheel landing).

Perhaps jump onto casual and do some long patterns and get used to its low speed handling in different weather conditions.

Practice is key 😉


Hey there. During approach slow down and configure your flaps and speed to maintain an angle of attack AOA = 5-6 degrees until flaring. You should be good with almost all planes with this procedure.
Happy landings :)

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Read through the topic below it will help a lot!


If you touch down nose first then you are either too fast or descending too quickly. Also be sure to listen to the 50 40 30 callouts instead of visually seeing when to flare cuz the 747 is taller than most aircraft.


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