B747 flaps too steep when fully deployed

I don´t know if the camera angle is trickng me, but don´t you think the flaps on the 747 have a very steep look when compared to real life 747s?


It looks like 80degrees 😂
(from this angle)


Yes, they seem to be much steeper than the real ones.


Let me grab my imaginary protractor…

It may be a little bit exaggerated in IF, but if you look at the picture below they do come down quite steep so they may not be far off after all.

I guess you could get a screenshot in IF on the ground and try and recreate the above picture for a fairer comparison?

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I found this pic. The flaps seem quite steep here.


Could it be a difference between th -8 and the -400 variant?

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Remember not all 747s use 30° to land, 25° is possible

But that’s a -8

And when you search on google I can’t find a single image of the very steep flaps.


Yep, different versions. Did the the 4 747 variants come together on Infinite Flight?

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I think this is a duplicate topic

I searched for it, but I was talking about their difference when fully deployed for landing when compared to the real 747.
Guess the flaps were taken from the 747-8 and the used on the -200 and -400 variants.

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It’s because it’s full flaps. I don’t think all planes use full flaps to land. But that’s a question for @Aernout. He would probably know.

They don’t look like that on the other 747 variants, except on the -8 one.

The 747 flaps are too steep when deployed and don’t extend back (other topic) so it seems the flaps in IF weren’t designed/animated to be too realistic.

I don’t know then.

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Mostly we do land with full flaps on Airbus, only certain conditions like Windshear or system problems we change the flap setting. Boeing I don’t know exactly.

@Heavydriver can help :)


I’ve seen 747 flaps in real life and they’re both enormous and steep. It takes a lot of lift to let that big girl fly slowly down the glide slope. Nothing wrong with the flaps on Infinite Flight :)


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