B747, B787 Uptade

Hello, I have a question, when will these 2 beauties finally get their upgrade B747 and B787, how many years have passed since their last upgrade? I’m already in grade 5, I haven’t stopped playing this game for about 5 years, I love it, but the old design of the two airplanes is already boring. Personally, I fly with both of them most of the time, and I am simply inexplicably disgusted by their old design. When will it finally be possible to get these two airplanes updated on the outside and inside. Maybe it is possible to vote for these 2 planes somewhere, or maybe someone knows the date when they will finally come out in game

You can vote for their reworks here:

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You beat me to it. Please use the links provided to show support for he aircraft that you want to be reworked.