B747 and A380

I was wondering with all the new updates and planes arre we going to get the A380 and B747 reworked because i like to fly long haul and i fly without an hud and in those big beasts its not possible and i find that sad so is an rework going to come if so when should we expect it?

Eventually, they will. The E-190 is the next aircraft, then the Bombardier Challenger 350 is being added.

After that there will be a community-voted aircraft rework - so we’ll see. A 747 or A380 rework is definitely a possibility…


do you have any estimations on when this will be id say early 2023

and thanks for the info

September 2049.

I am from the future btw

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at the rate its going now i guess

The E190 probably won’t be released for at least 2-3 months, and if it’s around 5 months it wouldn’t surprise me. The Challenger might be released in around 5-6 months or more, and then we will get the community poll. From the last planes that were reworked from a community poll (A330 and A350), it might take around 10-12 months to get the voted plane, so just be very patient.

Or as the devs would say, it will be released when it’s ready.

Disclaimer: I have exactly the same information as you have, so these time periods are based excusively from speculation and my experience around here

I think it will be rework in may 2023 till then just wait

We’ll likely get the community poll sometime between the E190 and the Challenger being released so that the 3D artists can immediately start working on the voted rework when the Challenger goes into final development.

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so that would be around March 23’

The community poll will happen when it happens…

Whatever rework happens after the Challenger, don’t expect a full completion until late 2023 at the earliest

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Incredible…bookmarked that post…

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how long did that take you?

About 2 minutes

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What??!! Thts so lol

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