B747-8Wings are shaking on ground

Do you ever saw that the Boeing 747-8Wings are shaking on the Ground? The Developers are making the Planes very detailed .Thank you so much developers.


As far as I know that happens in very windy conditions, but the whole aircraft shakes (not only the wings). Can anyone confirm this?

I know it happens in real life but I have never seen it in Infinite Flight… :/

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this happens on every aircraft, it happens to me when I have done a long flight, e.g.: 30mins more of pure flying so when I am back on the ground the wing is vibrating up and down…

Wing flex?

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the first steps of the wingflex feature???

noo… i think its the wind…

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try to reproduce it, in solo, enable replay feature and take the replay speed to the faster and you’ll see with another angle if is the plane shaking or not.