B747-8 Boeing sunrise livery full top edition

As you see. This Boeing Sunrise 747-8 has it’s to deck complete
But in the IF one, the two rear windows are a bit spaced from the rest of the windows.
This version should be added I think. It’s the most flew version, it’s the version that all 748 liveries in IF use and it’s more classic than the current version.


It’s likely because the actual one has a gap for the configuration of the aircraft hence why that one does as they use the same plane and just out the livery on it they don’t make each plane custom to the livery so small details like these won’t be done

A few windows won’t affect the aircraft right?

I mean for the fact of 2 windows that’s a bit pandantic and doesn’t make a major difference

  • It makes a difference
  • It doesn’t make a difference

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Does a couple of Windows really matter?

What does this phrase mean?

I see what you mean, but it’s not worth the time, my opinion.

This really isn’t necessary, in my opinion.


Looks decent.

My opinion is: it is Much Better to Change Lufthansa (Original Livery) to this Livery than just to Change the Windows. 🤔

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i like the regular one. rather just add that one as well as the retro one