B747-400 Video

I would be happy if you would check out my newest YouTube video - - YouTube
Let me know what you think and what should I improve.


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For takeoffs it was very good. Night scenery helps hide any poor textures.
If you can try and crop out the instrument dock.

Thanks! :)

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What was your power percentage? And your VS was 7000 at the initial climb.

Power was about 85-90% but my flaps were on 15 and it was fairly warm outside.

There is no commercial jet in the world which climbs at 7.000 ft/min.
Heavy 747s usually climb at 1.500-2.500 ft/min.

I climb at 2.500fpm. Is that safe?

It is.
The 757 can climb even faster.

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Well what if there was incoming traffic ahead of the plane?

That was a really long takeoff

Well that would be very unrealistic cause no airport in the world uses both sides of the runway at the same time ;)


Heavy flight.

Yep too much.