B747- 200 Issue

During descent to KSFO in B747-200 though at ‘v/s -800’ my plane’s nose goes up (please see the screenshot attached) and due to this I am not able to see the runway in visual approach. This does not happen with other planes. Since I like both 747 and doing visual approach I would like to get some expert guidance on this.


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Your speed and flaps settings may also play into what you are seeing.

Have you tried zooming out of the camera?


Adding to what Chris said, don’t forget to use trim!

I guess I tried that. Atc asked me to maintain 180 kts. But I couldn’t because as I trim down speed increases and nose again goes up. M no pilot though. I know I must be doing something wrong. 747 is complete in itself. 🤗

Others may chime in but if you are going to go below 200 you may want to add some flaps. 747 is a big plane.

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It will go up, yes, but as long as you don’t add a lot of trim at once, it won’t go up very much. Add the trim slowly until the purple line disappears.

And I would add, on top of what @Chris_S has already said, that flaps, trim etc… will help.

This would be because if you look at the HUD the aircraft can be moving in a direction not aligned with the nose. When looking at the HUD it is moving where the circle with a line thing is (circled in yellow) While the nose is pointing where the V with a line thing is (circled in red). This is essential for a nose up landing (wich is how it should be) but when in other stages of flight this can be a bit disconcerting…

But the flaps\trim are what will help, this is just the reason…


Maintaining 180kts at 13 500 feet?! From my experience you are going too slow too high up, the air is thinner so the plane need to pull up to create sufficient lift. I’d suggest speeding up a notch and wait with the approach speed until “last minute” when you have airport in sight. But don’t take my word for it, most of the guys here is way more experienced than me in visual approach:))

if its that hard to land with a nose up, try extending the flaps a little, or try trim.
or as an alternative, if your flying with a plane with a tail tank, put more in the wings and less in the tail.