B738 issue

Hi! Earlier today when landing at ATL with my B737-800 it would not stay on centerline while trying to land! I went around 2 times I would say. and after that I ended up landing like that!

P.s I’ll respond in the morning!

The runways were also very weird today one side had orange and red

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What were the winds?

Are the winds blowing you off the centerline? Use the rudder to counter the winds. Since the runways were orange and red, that means you have crosswinds. If the winds are coming from the right, turn the rudder right, and vice versa.

Green = headwinds/winds calm.
Orange = crosswinds.
Red = tailwind component.

6kts but the runway was like Parrallel and the map marked the runways on east side as red and orange

The problem is the west side was orange and red together and the east was all red

That just means you have crosswinds with a headwind bias on the west, and crosswinds with a tailwind bias on the east. Use your rudder to turn your nose into the wind and crab the landing. Tyler has a great video on crosswind landings.


What was your speed when you were on final. And what was your load?

I didn’t exactly know my load all I know is that the weight was about 25% and landing speed 135

Also, turn your A/P off when there’s crosswinds. A/P is horrible at compensating for crosswinds on final.

I did manual

In that case, watch Tyler’s video I linked above, and use your rudder to keep you centered. Your Flight Path Vector (the round dot on your HUD) will tell you where your plane will end up. Use that to aid you in keeping your centreline and adjust your rudder accordingly.

i was using rudder but it wouldn’t work either it would make my plane roll right or left.

Did you calibrate?

As said above, watch Tyler’s video. He explains in depth on how to use rudder and ailerons to keep your plane straight and aligned.

si (10 word)

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