B738/9 flaps

Hello, I searched for tutorial about it and didn’t find. Can someone tell me the flaps position in takeoff? (how to set it if your weight is 700KG for example)

I typically use 15°-20° for any Boeing aircraft.

I use 5, so am I wrong?

I suppose you could read this also:

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Or this

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10-15 degrees

But it isn’t written here how to set when thinking about your weight


When all else fails, ask Google ;)

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Thanks!!! That what I need

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ohhh noo, i need the takeoff flaps

No it’s not wrong to use 5. Takeoff flaps generate more lift and lower speeds. If you’re above MLW and still use flaps 5 you might need a rotation speed of 175kts and you will crash due to runway overrun. That’s why flaps 15 or 20 is used so that you can safely takeoff at 150kts.

Try playing around in solo to find the optimal flap setting.

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