Hello, Zeb here, is there maybe gonna be a Boeing 737MAX8-200? I would very much appreciate it if it’s actually gonna be in the game in an update. Maybe with like the Ryanair livery and stuff? I understand if it’s not possible yet because there is not enough airlines that have ordered the B737MAX8-200. Anyways let me know if there is gonna be something in that way. Some WIP pics of the e-jet? @moderators



Nothing has been confirmed regarding the Boeing 737 MAX8-200 being added into Infinite Flight but you are more than welcome to vote for the feature request linked below for the MAX series in order to show your support:

Would be great to see the MAX series aircraft in Infinite Flight in the future.

Take care mate!

I can’t find the vote feature in that topic. Should I search my own instead?

It should be on the top left portion of the page, I definitely voted for it (and +1100 others have too!)

Found it! Thanks!

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See highlighted reply :)