B737 Simulator Experience

Hello guys,

Today I had the opportunity to fly in a 737 Sim in Dublin’s Weston Airport. It was an excellent experience except for a few horrifying landings but I nailed one of those landings. This experience has really made me more interested in being a pilot then to top it all of I went spotting at Dublin Airport EIDW for the first time to spot a few aircraft. It was a great day. Here is some pictures and videos from the day!

https://youtu.be/_SAiLLHIrbg Video of one of the Takeoffs and landings


It won’t let me upload the videos for some reason 🤔


It doesn’t allow it or the storage would fill up faster than I can type a 10,000 word essay. You will have to upload it via YouTube or some other video streaming service.

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@AviatorJack Surprise, surprise. I had attended the very same flight simulator at Weston (three) tImes?

I know you probably got to hit some buildings (Dublin Chimneys) and attempted to land the 737 in Dublin Airport. It was a fun time and I have entered the top of the Weston building. Great Airport by the way.

I hope you enjoyed the time! I also recommend going into a city view Trip in a Cessna 172.

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Amazing! I’ve flown a Embraer Legacy 500 sim once and nailed the landing as well.

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Awesome! I have done a one of those, but in full motion!

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Did this as well a while back and loved it! Couldn’t think of anything more enjoyable…apart from actually being a pilot. So realistic, instructor was super nice and patient and what can you say, the butter was spread… not just on the runway but all over the airport, and that isn’t a good thing.

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man all y’all so lucky being able to fly a 737 sim!

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Cool, I would love to fly a 737 sim.

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