B737 max &A350

Can we see the whole family of b737 Max’s and the whole family of A350s

You can vote for them below :D

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Unfortunately, the A350s have not been released on Infinite Flight. As for the 737s, only select liveries are MAX aircraft so be careful which one you choose!

There are no B737 MAX aircraft anywhere on Infinite Flight. Infinite Flight only has the B737, B737BBJ, B738, and B739.

Also, this thread was basically a feature request to get those 2 planes added into the app, not a question of whether they are in there or not.

I’m sure select liveries are MAX models. For example, the British Airways 737-800 is not like the United 737-800 as it does have the winglets of the MAX. Other specifications are not changed, it’s only a change in livery and winglets.

If you think there are MAX models, they should have their own section just for the MAX7/8/9, not mixed and bunched up with the B737, B738, or B739 sections.

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I would agree, though I’m just pointing out that there are liveries in which look like the MAX…

The ones we have in the app are regular 737NGs with split scimitars, not the AT winglets that you see on the MAX. Those look different. :)


Congrats…you’ve managed to just teach me something :) I stand corrected and my previous statements voided.

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Adding both -400 and -500, considering IF realism level - pointlessly