B737 extra cam view

So, now that the B737’s cockpit got a nice little update, everything is nice and crisp in there. That being said. I would like to request a camera view that is right in front of the yoke and displays the checklist. i believe this could add a ton of realism, and it would be very convenient

You should be able to use the zoom and pan to manually put the camera on the yokel right?

Interesting idea.


yea i guess, but i thought the idea was good, and might help others

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its also how like to could zoom in on the control panes, but there is still a camera view for it

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Got my vote, it shouldn’t take and use much time to add.

For me, I don’t need another camera view, I just need the checklist to be more clear. I think it would just take up too much time having to go into a separate camera view every time you wanted to check something…

and then the yoke moves

I don’t see how that would be necessary