B737 - Drastic turns

I know I’m not the only one who’ve experienced this…

But haven’t you guys noticed how violent or should I say overdramatic when the B737 is following a waypoint ? The turns are extremely tilted and violent, when it should be smooth and gently tilting to the right or left.

Sadly I dont have a video to attach at the moment of writing, but if you guys can check it out yourself. You’ll see what I mean…

Now this is not a complaint, I’m just merely informing that it should be corrected. That’s all.

Sorry if this had been brought up before, I just couldnt find it on search.

Thank you.

Vote for a fix here:

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Thank you Altaria55. I’ll go follow that redirection. :-D

You can also vote for the 737 rework if you’d like. It can be found here.

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