B737 Captain Camera View

Hello all I come to you today with something rare that many people don’t really talk about. It’s the camera view on the 737 in the captain and first officer view. Yes all of the newly reworked aircraft have this camera view, but I’m mentioning the 737 because it is the aircraft I fly most. Ever since the 737 had its flight deck reworked I’ve found myself flying very poorly with the captains camera view and I’ve always wanted to keep my flights realistic by flying inside the airplane instead of just using the HUD view from outside. Anyway now since the view points more at the PFD than before it has been hard for me to fly the aircraft that I love. Before flights now I find myself having to try and fix the camera view before departing ensuring it is perfect so my takeoff or landing isn’t messed up. Sorry for being picky but I hope you guys understand thanks!


I personally use the HUD only camera view without the cockpit part to avoid this. I get where you are coming from as some aircraft don’t have the best views but it’s just something we gotta work around. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Yeah I agree. I was just so used to it and having it changed after the rework affected me

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Hey! I get this completely, but I’m inclined to agree with the initial response. If I’m flying with instruments I’ll use the instruments, but there’s no point in seeing the instruments if you’re just going to look at the HUD. I’ve gotten used to the new position flying in cockpit view without the HUD, it just takes some practice.

As far as I know, none of the new/reworked planes have ideal HUD locations in cockpit views. The 787 especially - and considering it has no instruments, my last landing in one was a mess haha. But yeah, just practice, and maybe consider the fact that using the HUD is really just staring out the window anyway so there’s no realism lost in using the generic HUD view.

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I don’t know if they are ideal or not. But I do agree that it’s challenging that every plane has different POV in different camera modes.


I totally agree. It just gets frustrating sometimes. Thanks!

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