B737 BBJ Weight & Balance

In the B737 BBJ Weight & Balance page, it says in the top left corner, “Boeing 737-700”. This is incorrect as this is the BBJ, not the -700.


How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight.
  2. Select the B737 BBJ, in any region, in Live or Solo.
  3. Open the pause menu by pressing the three burger patties in the bottom right.
  4. Press “Weight & Balance” on the left.
  5. Check the airplane name in the top right corner.

Additional Info
iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2
iOS 9.2
IF Version

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It makes no difference in-game, of course. Not all bugs make a difference in the game. No need for you to bash me because the bug makes no difference in gameplay. Bugs are bugs. If you don’t like bugs, block the category.

Hardly a productive response @nickchan to what @Henrik_B has done very well to spot.