B737 Amazing Parallel Takeoff!

Note that this isn’t my video. From Youtube channel UnitedFlyerHD.



Cool video. It would be nice to have a little more info. Where was this? Maybe just a few sentences about it, because anyone could’ve found this.

Thanks for sharing, though, very cool.

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Basically, two 737-800’s at IAH begin take off simultaneously and turn in opposite directions. Here’s the video description:

"Two United B737s begin their takeoff roll at the same time, rotate at the same time, takeoff and turn in opposite directions at the same time. My flight, UA1478 (B737-824 [N37253]) from IAH-IAD was on RWY15L, with the other B737-800 on RWY15R.

Parallel takeoffs are not that unusual at Houston Bush Intercontinental (IAH), but this is the first one I’ve caught on video from inside the cabin.

Video continues until the 737 climbs above the clouds."


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