B737-800 SunExpress

Welcome to this new livery request Topic :)

SunExpress was founded in Antalya in October 1989 as a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa. Its first flight was in 1990. SunExpress became the first private airline company to offer international scheduled flights from Turkey with its first Antalya-Frankfurt flight in 2001.


This is also a big airline in Turkey and hast a nice livery:) i hope we can see this livery in the game

I hope for your vote.✈👀

Thank you, good day. 😁

Hey there, feel free to continue here:


Great livery, we need more turkish liveries in the game such as Onur Air, Atlas, pegasus and anadolu


@KTJ_Mitchell Even though it’s the same livery request, I think the old one should be closed because it didn’t get much attention and is almost 3 years old. This should be continued.

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Oh yes there are a lot of liverys from airlines in europe who are missing…

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I mean, all you need to do is bump it…last time it was bumped was 6 months or so

It doenst really matter how old it is, it’s more how active it is. And it is fairly active with posts 7-8 months ago. And has 5 votes as well.

Yes I can understand that. But 5 votes with 15 replays doesn’t look active in my eyes. However, it’s not my decision, I tried to give this livery a new chance.


You have my FULL support! I definitely give you a vote as soon as your contribution is rolled through by the moderators and does not count as a dublicate. Since my vote is currently on the old post! This is my absolute favorite livery that belongs in the game!
Please all vote for SunExpress 💙
so that we can fly beautiful Turkish routes!

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We will continue to use this topic 🙂


This livery reminds me of United and Copa, but now it’s SunCountry and Sun Express 😂

Oh yes thank you for your vote 😍

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But we have to many american liverys. There are so many liverys who are missing in Europe and other continents…

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Thank you @Drummer 😁 do you like this livery?

I didn’t say anything like that
Just said it reminded me of SunCountry

It would be so nice if this livery would be add to the simulator soon…

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I’m giving this one a vote since this airline plays a very significant role in summer chartes to Turkey and the Pegasus livery so far has gained more attention. Plus, I think this livey looks very nice. Anyways, we need more European charter airlines in IF, no matter what.


You are right, this is one of the best 737 livery!


How about “30 Years” logos?

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Thank you for your vote and i totally agree with you we need more european Airline liveries in Infinite Flight… In europe are the most users i think