B737-800 Issue or me

Hi, Yesterday and today I had issues landing the 737-800. When I land I usually flare at 185 kts and when I flare the plane loses speed then my plane pitches forward then (boom noise) hard landing. I’ve had an issue with the 800 before.


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Way too fast. 135-145 is your target.


But @Pingu @Thunderbolt

It says “takeoff speed”, you got to do more digging than that…with 130-160 a bit lower on the page.

Keep in mind this is Quora, too. There are plenty of resources on the forum that you should’ve went to first.

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If you actually click on the link, you’ll find people saying it’s between 120-150kts. As T-BOLT said, dig deeper and elsewhere on more trustworthy websites.


Another thing, 180-200 knots is calculated to (groundspeed*. Not airspeed, with would be IAS for short.

Like many have stated, 138-145 is my target speed for the 738.


with flaps 30 flare <145 kts
flaps 40 <135 kts

Final approach speed 145 kts. Works wonders for me

…and all of this is IAS–can be very different from ground speed

Also I would like to add that if you are losing enough speed when flaring to crash you are either flaring way too hard and too high. Here’s some tips…

  • Make sure you use flaps to help you fly at low speeds (look above for some flap tips)
  • Your final landing speed should be about 130 - 145 depending on weight and winds
  • Flare at around 10-20 ft AGL depending on V/S
  • Don’t flare too hard, just bring the nose a little above the horizon

Stall at 185kt? I assume that you have your flaps retracted 🤔

@PilotChrisSG I suggest you take a look at this:

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I would suggest search the specific aircraft and what its landing and take off speed is and also check you’re trim as well .

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