B737-800 Bees Airlines Livery

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here i have a new Livery for the B737-800 for you. as the Airlines Name clearly matches my name i thought its my turn to start the request. also as i saw this Livery i really fell in love with the Design so i hope enough people think the same and have a vote free for it.

below you will find some more Information about the Airline, its fleet and the history.

About Bees

the airline is based at Ukraine’s Kyiv Sikorsky International Airport, also known as Kyiv Zhuliany. “The airline chose this airport due to its convenient location just seven kilometers from the city center… it should contribute to the passengers’ comfort during their journey,” it said in a statement.

Bees initially plans to operate charter flights but wants to introduce regularly scheduled services later on.

the Airline is an fully low cost Airline to compet with Ryanair subsidiarie Buzz.

the official owner is Sergey Smirny, however, according to rumours, the real owner is Tez Tour. The carrier plans to commence charter services to Egypt in Apr2021 and Kenya in Apr2021.


Bees Fleet will consist out of 3 B737-800 that were manufactured in 2010. later this year the Airline thinks to add 2 more B738 to its fleet. Bee has further plans to incres the fleet to 6 B738 in 2022


Bees Airline was registered on 29/Nov/2019

subject to approval of an air operator’s certificate. Bees Airlines has received its AOC on 15Mar2021

Bees is an brand new Airline scheduled its first flight on the 18th of March 2021.

after Ryanair renamed Sun in to BUZZ, WIZZ Air raised a new Airline named Bees in the Ukrainian to compete with Buzz in Poland wher Wizz alredy operats since years.

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No probleme just edited it. Thanks for the Reminder about that 👍


European charters are such a hidden gem that I never get bored of experiencing. Flying from somewhere relatively bleak all the way to sun, sand, and sea is a really enjoyable concept. I don’t have votes, but you have my full support!


Thanks, yeah i also love it. sadly in IF there aren’t that many European Charter/Holiday Airlines represented

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I love this livery! You have my vote!

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They maybe took that a bit too serious and just copied everything

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Absolutely love the livery very nice 🐝 💛🖤💛🖤

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Yeah maybe, i think they did that so that they can save the Ukrainian market for them befor Buzz even flys there 🤷

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