B737-700 Southwest "California Dreamin" Livery


I was looking at special aircraft liveries and I stumbled on this one, have a look!

Credits to @nicgorman

I would love for this Livery to be added beacause I’m from California. I think it should be added beacause it is a cool Livery that is easy on the eyes, but also brings out the livery’s colors

Comment below on your thoughts

Please put some thought into this feature request. Why do you want it? What makes it worthy of being added? Aircraft specs?

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That’s not a 737-700, it’s a 737-300. Because of that, I doubt that this will be added due to there being no 737-300 in IF. Sorry!


Some more information when you create a feature request is recommended … It gives us a more better background on the livery and it gives us some knowledge about where it can be found. Just add more and I guarantee you’ll get more votes.

Interesting you caught on to that. I was reading something recently that they painted it again on a 700. Deeming it the California “Two”. But its still the “One”.


Found a picture of it. The website I found it on Claims it’s name is “California Dreamin”

I think I may have seen this livery one before @KLAX

Please add more information about this feature request such as why you want this, what makes it unique from all the other special liverys, and aircraft specs like the others said.

That’s sweet but I’m out of votes

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I love the request, but can you at least find a photo of the 700, the 300 is throwing me off. I would vote but I’m not a fan of this Southwest livery. I typically prefer Lonestar One.

I’d vote, but I’m sure too many people would start flying it to be a “special livery”

Did you know that picture is a B737-300 and is currently retired?

This is a current livery and is the B737-700 so it would make sense to put this on. Still an amazing features request!



I actually get to see this aircraft pass over my school quite frequently while it’s on right downwind to the 24s/25s. You have my vote!

Is it ok if I use that picture?

Yeah. Its my friends

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