B717 Qantaslink Training Flight @ YSSY - 172100ZNOV16

Server: Training

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSSY to YSCB and return

Time: 2100Z THURSDAY 17th November

Aircraft B717 QantasLink (preferred but open to all suitable!)

NOTAM: An opportunity for Qantas Pilots (and others!) to conduct a part of their training in the B717

Spawn at T3 YSSY in your B717 in Qantas link livery. Group flight down to YSCB, one touch and go followed by landing at YSCB. After short photo opportunity, return back to YSSY, either remaining in the B717 or feel free to switch to either the Dash 8 or A320 Jetstar for the return leg!

Training Objectives

  1. Flight planning :-
    i) Use of SID and STAR where appropriate as well as Airways between VORs.
    ii) Select Correct cruising altitude and also calculate TOD
    iii) Correct Spacing between aircraft on approach
  2. ATC coms :- Correct use of ATC or Unicom where available
  3. Correct use of ILS
  4. Correct procedure on a Touch and Go.

Whilst aimed at members of Qantas Virtual, all are welcome to join for a sector of the flight all the whole event!

YSSY & YSCB Charts :- http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/pending/dap/AeroProcChartsTOC.htm

YSSY - YSCB FLIGHT PLANING :- http://onlineflightplanner.org/

Look forward to seeing you in the skies!

David L


I may join. Not sure though

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Not using IF-Charts…

YSSY departure
YSSY arrival


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only get a blank screen when I use those links so used my usual source. ;-)

That’s odd. Maybe your wifi speed, give it one or two seconds.

on my PC so no issues with the WiFi ;-)

Zoom it out once and it should appear on if charts 😉

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What @The_Gaming_Guy said should work well for you. If it doesn’t, could you post that on the IF-Charts thread?

Sorry for hajacking this thread!

nothing…poss a spam filter (work computer), will try later when at home! Either way people have lots of options to use the correct charts!

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That is probabley it, works well for me.

I am coming

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What time Sydney 9pm???

It’s 2100 Zulu ( ie 9pm in London)

Use below map to work out your local time zone ;-)

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12:08 pm Sydney time

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staring in 4 hours time, looking forward to seeing people come along! :-)

Thanks to all those who turned, fun evening event!

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