B712 Flaps

Hey IFC! I was wondering what a realistic flap setting would be for the B712. I would like to know realistic takeoff flaps, realistic flaps used in flight, and realistic landing flaps. I finally figured out how to fly it so I’d like to fly it professionally in IF now. Thanks!

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For takeoff, I’d recommend either 10° or 15°. For landings, 30° is my preferred setting.

Is flaps 5 realistic for takeoff? Also, what is the best flap settings for in flight also like after takeoff and before landing.

I also found this video online and here was the takeoff flaps: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/966040118370639922/1116901242246012998/FDD2C039-F8B9-4EB7-AB13-D75AB6F6DED9.png

I think so? As a fun fact, pilots can actually choose whatever flap configuration they wish up to 20°, which is super neat in my opinion:

I’d say you can operate them as if it was a 737.

In that case it’d be 1 → 5 → 15 → 25 → 30 then, correct?

Yeah, except there’s no flaps 25° on the 717, so use 20° instead.

Ok, thanks for the help! Also, is there a way to see the flap limitations for each flap setting so I don’t overspeed them?

@AvioesEJogos Also, one more quick question. I see that flying at like 80% power is over 100% N1. Should I always avoid going over 100% N1 in the B712, or does it not matter?

I found these 2 websites showing extremely high speeds, so take that info with a grain of salt:

I don’t think your engine is going to explode in IF anytime soon, so I don’t think it matters. 😂

I’d try to avoid it, since the 717 is quite an overpowered aircraft in IF, though.

Ok, thanks for the help!


What is your load also If the runway is short more flaps would be need

Leave it to @AvioesEJogos, aka, the best 717 pilot on the IFC to teach you how to fly the 717!


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