B3ASTMOD3X’s ATC Tracking Thread [Closed Permanently]

I have opened my own ATC Tracking Thread to have some input and advice to becoming a better Air Traffic Controller!

These ATC sessions will be hosted on the Training Server, at whatever time the thread title says “[Open @ XXXX].

Sometimes, I will NOT be able to read input on the community because I require two devices to operate Infinite Flight and Community at the same time, so if I do not fix a problem immediately, I will make sure to do it the next time.

I will operate a different facility based on the airport, because I can not operate multiple facilities at once. I will serve different airports, but for every time I use an airport (e.g. KNUC, Approach), that facility will stay the same.

Here are the airports I am going to serve:

San Clemente (KNUC) (Tower)
San Diego (KSAN) (Departure)
Lambert (KSTL) (Approach)
Kansas City (KMCI) (Ground)

I will update my status instead of having set times and dates, because I don’t want to change either of my schedules on such short notice.

If you can make it to one of my events, sure, come along! But there are a couple of rules, too!

  1. You MUST be a Grade Two to participate.
  2. ANY form of trolling will not be tolerated, and will be ignored.
  3. Have fun!

Come on down to KNUC and do some patterns with me!

Something is not lining up here. You should really avoid the SoCal region in general if you want to efficiently learn how to control.

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Okay, and I realize approach isn’t available at KNUC (changes to tower)

Okay, changed it so now you guys can do patterns under tower’s (me) frequency!

Okay, we’ve got a couple guys here, lets try and get more people in here!

Well, good night. I didn’t get enough people to join, so I’m calling it a night.

You were open for 20 Minutes and got some traffic… At KNUC.

To get a lot of traffic that listens, you should try EGLL or TNCM as Military airports usually don’t attract traffic… KNUC usually attracts A380s and Fighter Jets

Just a word of advice, it may take people a while to get people to join, and continuing to post on a thread every 5-8 minutes won’t help your cause. I recommend being open for at least 30 minutes or more.

I don’t care what type of aircraft that come or how I should do it, I just want to get plain traffic to deal with.

EDIT: Due to it’s famous name, I’d suppose it’d attract traffic.

There’s at least one hundred people on at one time here, I think all of them read the most recent post/topic.

Maybe it’s because of me, like how almost no one has signed up for my live event, at American Airlines - One Step Further - Vol. 1 @ KLAX - 052200ZMAY18

No one may have signed up because of different reasons not because of you. Also people might not want to join because they are busy not have live etc etc. It’s not just because of you being the OP

Today’s a Sunday, I don’t think most people are busy, and most people here have live, because what would be the point of getting a scenery update in South Africa if the only place close enough that you can access is London?

Well I know a few people who don’t have live. And Sunday you could be busy. Especially Sunday night. Lets take this to a PM to avoid clogging up the thread.

Just a word of advice - You shouldn’t be opening Approach if you wish to join IFATC, as in order to join you must master Ground & Tower operations first, as you climb the ranks you can practice with an IFATC Trainer to help you with Approach Training.


Okay, I switched it to Tower, next I’ll do Ground, then Departure, and Approach. I’ve had experience in them all, just wishing to enhance them

And I have no reason to join IFATC

There is no need to practice for Approach and Departure. It is not part of your ATC test. That will be covered at a later stage once you’ve been accepted to IFATC! Focus on your Tower and Ground skills first :)

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Oh my god, I already explained it with @Connor, I do NOT want to be an IFATC!

I want to see where you explained it. We have no way to look for spoilers…

I explained it in the spoiler in this post of mine.