B 757-200 - speed and power calculator

Hi all,

The great new B757-200 gave me some headache with its overpowerfull engines, but also the fact that one has to reduce power after takeoff, then increase power later on to reach climb altitude!

I spent some time on the FCOM, from which I derived the basic calculator attached here. I flew quite a few test flights and I think it is about right. I am now happy to fly this new toy!

Please give it a try and let me now what you think.

Simply enter or select values in the grey cells and read and use the ones calculated in the blue cells.

Happy flying! (Disclaimer - no responsability for crashes or violations on my side! 😉)


Thank you, I’ll definitely use this

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Please try and let me know if it works for you!

With 757 I tend to v1 (rotate) take off speed on 135-138 kts (if light load)
140-145 kts (medium load)
148-152 kts (heavy load)
If airport is on high AGL, then I just add 5-10 kts to the above using N1 90% power
757 is a very agile aircraft
It seem to work pretty well for me; in the event it is struggling to generate a lift, I just put a little more power

This is fine. I prefer to rely on some calculated values, somehow like pilots do IRL, hence the file.
Also, I only takeoff from 0ft AGL! 😉.

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