B-52 Stratofortress

The B-52 Stratofortress is a subsonic, American Long-range strategic Bomber. Considering the fact that we will have all military bases in the upcoming update I know that we will have runways to support this aircraft. Below are some facts about this aircraft.
• Used by NASA and the United States Air Force
• 5 Crew members
• Wing span 185 feet
• Fuel Capacity 47,975 US Gal
• Max Speed 560 knots
• Cruise speed 442 knots
• Also includes a crab coordination meaning you have a dial or knob which turns the wheels to align with the runway during crosswind landings



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Beautiful bird! Looks like it has power, a lot of it, would love to see it in IF!

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I can tell you for a fact that, that aircraft is based out of Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, LA. Been inside some of those beasts, and they’re quite a piece of machinery.


Very much needed! We are in need of some big military aircraft!

Globemaster doesn’t count…it’s terrible!

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My grandfather flew in these birds. Would be a great addition to infinite flight!

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Ah. The B-52. I remember back in 64’ when we were sent to execute war plan R (I think) and we dropped our bombs, funny thing, the guy opening the bomb bag actually rode the nuke down into the Ruskie base. We got em good but they had their “doomsday machine”.

This plane work(ed)s wonders and id love to see 34 of these over the Ruskies 24/7. Whoops I mean I’d love to see this in infinite flight, really though it’s an awesome plane with a not so slick cockpit.


Gee thanx :P

On topic, would be cool to have these just to try out handling and landing the damn thing.

The globe master is a misrepresentative of a truly incredible aircraft. Not many turbofanned aircraft can take off in such a short distance and climb at a rate of 7000ftpm to about 10kft you know? Haha they’re beasts!

Bookmarked it for when a vote frees up.

hopefully its my c17 rework vote! Lol

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I do believe this is the only airframe older than the C130 still flying today. It only beat it by a year, but it’s amazing that it’s still here.

Ah, the Major Kong incident. Such a tragedy. At least we took out that Rooskie base.