B-25 bomber

Howdy! Yesterday me and my dad checked out a flight school that I might transfer to when I come of age. There, the lady who runs it all has over 22,000 hours. She used to be in the military, and is certified to fly a B-25. One day, they found a guy who had like 5 of these out in west Texas. They contacted the USAF and they let her keep one! The rule is, as long as they keep it in shape, they can keep it! I was fortunate enough to get to go see it and even get in to the cockpit! It was amazing. It was in great shape. We got to climb up a ladder through a hatch to get to the cockpit. Apparently it used to be in Hawaii and it would do missions there. On the side of the nose, you will see thee are I think 22 red bullets. Each one represents a mission it went on. There are also three ships- each one was sunk by that plane. This aircraft is over 75 years old and still in perfect flying condition. . Take notes, Delta.Apparently they flew it up to OshKosh. There are like 6 guns on the nose. The propellers are huuuuge and I thought this thing looked awesome. Check out these pictures!


lucky you. Did you get any more shots of the exterior you can share? Looks fab in that blue!

I don’t, but it’s all over the internet. Just look up “blue devil dog B-25” and it should pop up. Glad you enjoyed :D

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Wow! I’ve been in a few types of these bombers before in museums :P
Anyways, great shots mate!

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Awesome! Thanks :)

Oh yah, apparently this aircraft is worth close to 2 million USD!!

Wow that’s awesome

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Thanks! It really was cool

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That’s just amazing, it looks brand new! Awesome pictures buddy!

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