B-2 Spirit Bomber

As I’ve said before, Infinite Flight is a little low in the military department… The B-2 bomber is an iconic plane, and one of my favorite military aircraft. I would really enjoy flying it in IF!

For those who don’t know… Info below:


They’re cool

Would love to see this iconic stealth bomber in IF.

I think the IFM could use this…


@the_simulation_nerd I’d almost forgotten I made this topic :) Would be a fun addition, wouldn’t it. Although I’m sure the devs have a lot going on right now in regards to other features…


I definitely want this in the game. It’s unique shape just makes it look so cool. Also I think Infinite Flight needs more military aircraft.

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I agree. I’m happy that the Devs decided to add the C-130 as a military aircraft. Notwithstanding Tyler’s new poll, maybe in the future more military aircraft will come down the pipe :)