B-1 Lancer

This would be a remarkable plane in the game. It would add a whole new size and power to the sim, and skill. image Would be great for IFM and IF Airshows and would be great for aerial refueling with the KC-10. A huge massive plane that operates like a fighter jet.


Please post one photo per request.


which one should i take out… oh the choices

Put an outside one. No point just seeing the cockpit


everyone probably knows what it looks like on the outside more than the inside (at least the majority)

1 per topic please. @IceBlue meant to put this photo into the first post and take the cockpit one out.


YASSS!!! love this plane! my dad used to fly this active duty before he retired and moved to the KC-135R this is such a cool plane!

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that feature request already exists, please continue here :

I love to see that interest in that aircraft is that big !

wow, i would like to know more about his career

yeah he was active duty in the B1-B for i believe 7 years, was in the middles east, and he retired, and then went into the reserves about 5-10 years later. He flies the KC-135R, air refuiler. He then got hired by FedEx and he flies the 757-200.

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