AzurAir 777-31H/ER [Azur Bear Livery]


AzurAir 777-300ER (VQ-BZY)

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AzurAir, or Азур Эйр, is a small charter airline based in Moscow operating to leisure destinations around the world with their fleet of 20 aircraft. I believe this livery is amazing and would be great to have on the new 777!

AzurAir operates out of many airports in Russia with the 777, 767, 757, and 737. The airline uses on all-Boeing fleet and serves many vacation destinations. The aircraft I’m requesting is specifically VQ-BZY, 1 of the 2 777s in their fleet, and the only one with a special livery.

I hope you like this livery and vote for it!

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The 777-300ER:

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List of 777-300ER liveries not in IF

Nice livery. Need more Russian airliners such as Azur, Rossiya, Nordwind. Great request!

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OMG! This is the third Russian livery request today!



Thanks for your votes @Feurum and @d15bc922086142cb8336! The livery really is great!

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I highly support this request, no votes unfortunately

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Thanks for your support!

If you ever do free up a vote, you know where to come 😉


Isn’t it too amazing of a livery not to have it with the next update? 😍

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