Azur Air Boeing 767-300

Hi all!

No, this isn’t a duplicate. The other one is for the annex tour livery.

Today I’ve been gaining interest in russian aviation and I’ve stumbled upon an airline I’m surprised doesn’t exist! Azur Air holds many Boeing 767 and 777s in their fleet. And I think this will go well with flying long haul from Russia.

What do you think?

That looks beautiful. I’ll clear a vote

Count me in

Hoping to see this when the 767 gets the rework 👍🏻

Giving this a little bump. Definitely would be a great livery to see as we’re finding more Russian airlines making their way into IF like Nordwind. Once the 767 gets a look, this shouldn’t be ignored. Great for flights from Russia to South East Asia.

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Another bump!

We’ve got some attention on Nordwind, why not get another Russian livery?

Hopefully with a 767/757 rework. I flew them IRL, would love to fly them in the sim too

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Little bump