Azur Air 777-300ER

I think the Azur Air livery on the 777-300ER would be a great addition, seeing yet another not-well-known Russian livery on the 777, the first one being Nordwind on the 772. We should have it to do some beautiful, scenic, longhaul flights from Russia to the prettiest parts of the world, in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, and eastern China. I hope this gets added in the upcoming 77W rework!

(I’m surprised there was only a request for the Bear livery)


Three votes already? Wow! Looks like an awesome livery!

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we should get this Russian airlines are underrated (not including aeroflot) and hope for a 77W would look like in the future

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There’s nothing from stopping him, for all you know he might love them all and want them adding anyway!

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A beautiful livery! We need this livery as there many 77W liveries missing