Azul Virtual | The Pride of Brasil | Official Thread 2024

Azul Virtual | The Pride of Brasil | Official 2024 Thread

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The Pride of Brasil describes Azul Virtual Airlines and exemplifies our commitment to a professional atmosphere with a lot of community engagement. Azul Virtual is the premier Brasilian airline and with our headquarters in Belo Horizonte, our operations center around 3 specific hubs:

  • Varicopos - SBKP
  • Belo Horizonte (Confins) - SBCF
  • Recife - SBRF

  • For the Infinite Flight Platform, Azul Virtual is relatively young in terms of a Virtual Airline. It was tried in 2020 without much success, but faded out for unknown reasons. This go around with Azul Virtual is led by CEO - Gonzo, who has been the CEO and Chief Pilot of VirtualBlue, Infinite Flight Scenery Editor and an Infinite Flight VA Reviewer. Gonzo has over 6M in XP and nearly 10000 hours flown. So Azul Virtual is getting an experienced and proven pilot who can lead Azul Virtual into the next level of premier virtual airlines.

    Azul Virtual will uphold a culture of respect and development. Pilots are not defined by their rank but by their character. Each Pilot shall be accountable for putting the VA ahead of any personal gain or recognition.


    Our corporate structure at Azul Virtual is fairly simple.

    Chief Executive Officer | @Gonzo
    Chief Operations Officer | @silva1009
    Chief Technical Officer | Hiring
    Chief Pilot | Hiring
    Vice President of Personnel | Hiring
    Chief Branding Officer | Hiring

    Apply for a Staff Position Here: Azul Virtual Staff

    For a description of each position and their duties, go to the above page for more details.

    Azul Virtual shall be known as having one of the most diverse fleet of aircraft in Infinite Flight.

    Azul Conecta Cessna Caravan 208

    The Cessna Caravan C208 is a diverse aircraft that can handle passengers of all kinds as well as small loads of cargo to nearby airports. The Caravan 208 has a range which can reach all regions of brazil. While the aircraft is used for travel for anything within 200nm max range, the C208 is used for smaller airports and remote locations.

    Azul Airbus 320

    The A320 is the workhorse of the fleet and is a staple for flights not considered long haul. The A320 was chosen because of its impeccable track record, low maintenance issues, and overall passenger comfort. The A320 provides one of the best seats in its class.

    Embraer 190

    Another short haul champion, this fuel efficient twin engine 190 provides a 3x2 pattern for comfort and stability in the sky. The 190 has always been a reliable aircraft as part of our fleet and will continue to do so until it gets phased out.

    Airbus A330-900neo

    Airbus A330-900 “Rosa” Special Livery

    Both of the A339 aircraft are the same specification with the exception of the “Rosa” Livery. The beauty of these aircraft is the New Engine Option and 3 class seating with comfort in mind. These aircraft are the crown jewel to the Pride of Brasil and are the flagship aircraft for passenger travel.

    Airbus A350-900

    The A359 is by far the biggest aircraft in the fleet and has the capacity for nearly 400 passengers for the ultra long haul flights outside of Brasil. A recent addition to the Azul Fleet, the A359 is not likely to be the flagship aircraft for Azul anytime soon, but it’s always good to have one or two for that international reach.

    Pilot Rank Structure

  • Estudante | <10 Hours
  • Second Officer | 11-40 Hours
  • First Officer | 41-80 Hours
  • Senior First Officer | 81-120 Hours
  • Captain | 120-200 Hours
  • Senior Captain | >200 Hours
  • Applicants who apply for a staff position coming into the VA will receive 120 transfer hours obtaining the rank of Captain. Captain is the minimum rank for all pilots to be considered for a staff position. If there are no STAFF positions available, you will have to apply as a pilot and work your way through the ranks.

    Every pilot whether staff or not will attend the Azul Academy. We want to make sure all pilots from Azul fly with professional intentions and abide by the rules.

    Azul CARGO

    A subdivision of Azul Airlines is the Azul Cargo fleet. Comorised of Boeing 737’s Azul Cargo services all of Brasil and neighboring countries. The 737 is extremely versatile considering its massive range and large cargo hold.

    And as mentioned before the C208 Caravan can also add some regional support for cargo transport if the 737 is not available or the load is small.

    Azul Academy

    As a new applicant to Azul Virtual, we will not hold your hand to teach you how we want you to do things, but rather, we want to see how you fly and help with any inconsistencies we may see. We are not perfect and we understand situational awareness for improvement.

    The academy is designed to demonstrate proper procedures on the ground, in air, and communicating with ATC. The more comfortable you are, the better you will be when ATC is present or avoiding violations for making a mistake on the ground or in air. It is a great way for us to get to know you, and for you to know us so our family can grow.

    Azul Virtual Call Sign Format

    There will be no call signs that start with the number 0. The first call sign in the database will be 101, which is the CEO. Our call sign format will be as follows:

    Suffix - AD (ICAO Code for Azul)

    CEO: 101AD
    COO: 102AD
    CTO: 103AD
    Chief Pilot: 104AD
    VP Human Resources: 105AD
    VP Digital Marketing: 106AD
    Place holder: 107AD
    Place holder: 108AD
    Place holder: 109AD
    Place holder: 110AD

    Codeshare flights will be required to use the Call Sign of the codeshare partner. For instance, United 101AD. This gives proper respect to the codeshare airline while flying in their liveries.

    Any STAFF member will be required to maintain the [AZUL] identifier for as long as they maintain a staff position.

    Azul Cargo will have a different call sign. If flying a cargo route, your call sign should start with a 9. For example, 101AD changes to 901AD.

    Pilot Requirements for Application

    1. Must have an active pro subscription for Infinite Flight
    2. Minimum 15 years of age.
    3. Minimum Grade 3 at time of application
    4. Landing to Violation Ratio must not be greater than .20 or 20%
    5. Must have a Discord Account and be active
    6. Must be clear of all suspensions from the IFVARB

    If you are ready to apply to Azul Virtual, go here: Apply

    Please allow 48 hours for response to Application

    Azul Virtual has nearly 2200 routes within its database for just Azul, and when you include the Codeshare’s and Interline agreements, Azul Virtual could be upwards of nearly 3000-3500 routes. Azul Virtual operates mainly from 3 Hubs:

  • Belo Horizonte, Tancredo Neves International Airport (SBCF)
  • Campinas, Viracopos International Airport (SBKP)
  • Recife, Guararapes–Gilberto Freyre International Airport (SBRF)
  • Azul also has real life codeshare partners with numerous airlines, and we will be looking to match up with the CEO’s of respective virtual airlines to add more to the route database.

    ANY Route flown for Azul or its partners must be flown on Expert server to receive credit. The best method for this is to use ACARS to file your PIREP.

    Azul Virtual has acquired ATLAS for its crew center. If you are not familiar with the application, its fairly intuitive. Once you have applied and been accepted into the Azul Family, you will need to create an account.

    Azul Crew Center

    They also have a discord channel for users to be able to ask questions and get support.

    Azul Virtual is a rehash from the original Azul Virtual started in 2020. While we have tried every effort to distance from the previous version and create our own pathway, I can’t say we were able to be 100% capable of succeeding.

    What I can tell you is this - If you are looking for a place with a diverse fleet to spread your wings and get experience all across the fleet spectrum, we are it. If you’re looking for a chill atmosphere with inspiration to be active and fly for a beautiful airline, Azul Virtual could not be a closer truth to your must have.

    The intention is to focus on our aircraft, airline, and presence across the platform to be one of the best performing and most respected and professional. When people think or see our colors, we want them to know we are “doing it right”.

    How that happens is by implanting a culture of respect and trust, while ensuring every pilot from new to experienced are on the same page and align with the mission of Azul Virtual.

    Welcome Azul Virtual, The Pride of Brasil!


    Amazing thread!

    Nice, thought I thought @Gonzo Worked for jetblue?

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    No, I stepped down and got a waiver. I fly for Virtual Blue, but I wanted to run Azul for quite some time.

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    Congratulations on the approval and amazing thread by the way!

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    Awesome Thread! Wish all success!

    The site asks me for an invitation code to apply, where can I get it?

    When you apply to you should be able to search for a VA, in which you request a code.

    But here is the link:

    Applied. Can’t wait to fly for Azul Virtual! ✈️

    Awesome thread! And amazing airline. Good luck!

    Always looking for new pilots! A very diverse fleet and the only VA in Brazil!