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Hello! Welcome aboard Azul Virtual Airlines, the largest VA in Brazil! Here, we are all about realism and simplicity, we do our best to make your experience as a crew member the best as possible. Get to know a bit more about us by taking a tour through our thread!

Azul Virtual’s operations were made with realism and simplicity in mind, we have a simple flight logging system, a detailed operating manual, a realistic checklist, a virtual salary for pilots and a detailed pilot roster. All of these documents and systems are available through our Slack workspace and/or our website.

Azul Virtual’s fleet is based on the real life airline “Azul”. It also happens to be the largest fleet of any virtual airline in Latin America. (There are no restrictions on which aircraft a pilot may use in relation to their rank).

Embraer E190

Average range: 4h 30m
Number of seats: 115

Embraer E195

Average range: 4h 30m
Number of seats: 119

Airbus A320

Average range: 7h
Number of seats: 175

Airbus A330

Average range: 14h
Number of seats: 287

Airbus A350

Average range: 20h
Number of seats: 440

Azul Virtual has the most amount of routes routes of any virtual airline in Latin America, we fly to 116 different destinations, spread across South America, North America & Europe.

Route Map

Popular Destinations

About Rio de Janeiro

The most famous city in Latin America. Rio de Janeiro not only has beautiful scenery, but it also happens to have Brazil’s most challenging airport: SBRJ has two very short runways only 4,300ft long, the airport is completely surrounded by mountains and sea. Operated by our Embraer Jets, this is a good airport to fly to if you are looking for an unforgettable experience!

About São Paulo

The greater São Paulo is home to a whopping 24 million people, it is also home to Brazil’s 1st and 2nd busiest airports. SBSP is by far the more challenging one, since it is located on an artificial hill that dips 200ft into a highway one one end, and into houses on the other end. It also doesn’t have long runways, with the longest one being only 6,300ft long. SBSP is a fun and challenging airport to visit.

About the Amazon Rainforest

An infinite stream of rivers and green, the Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest forest. You will definitely notice it when flying to or from an airport in the northern part of Brazil, or if you are flying to Florida in the United States.

About Brasília

Notice anything? If you said that the city looks like two wings you would be correct. Brasília was built in the 1960s, and it is the capital of Brazil, the wing shape symbolizes progress and prosperity. Brasília is also home to Brazil’s 3rd busiest airport: SBBR.

About Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is a beautiful island off the coast of Brazil. It has a particularly intriguing airport, which is located between two hills, in a small valley, this causes the airport to be quite windy at times. It also has a short runway of only 6,000ft, so if you are looking for nice views and possibly a crosswind landing, you should head to SBFN.

There are 4 pilot ranks on our VA, they are based on the real life airline “Azul”, they are:

First officer (0-19 logged flight hours)

Senior first officer (20-39 logged flight hours)

Captain (40-99 logged flight hours)

Master captain (100+ logged flight hours)

The management team is responsible for maintaining and managing our virtual airline. Azul Virtual has 4 management team members, each with different attributions and responsibilities. They are:

Chief Executive Officer - @TigerPilot

Vice President, Flight Operations - @Arthur

Vice President, People & Communication - @Luiz_Claudio

People & Communication Manager (English) - Vacant. Contact @TigerPilot if you are interested.

People & Communication Manager (Portuguese) - @Dedezin_bueno

IT Manager - @Henrique_Chen

Culture is one of the aspects that Azul Virtual excels at. Our culture is strong and present in our community, it drives us and gives a purpose to continue doing what we do.

Our Purpose: Maintain a simple, professional and realistic virtual airline, offering quality for our community and being the best at everything we do.

Our Vision: Build together the best virtual airline in the world.

Our Mission: Fly, fly and fly.

Our Values:

Safety - It’s our main priority, nothing is more important.

Support - Always help and treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Simplicity - Be simple! Quality is always better than quantity.


•Grade 2

•10 hours of flight time

•10,000 XP

•Slack account

Join here, leave anytime.

We are not affiliated with Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras S/A

Thanks for visiting our thread, if possible, rate it (0 being the worst 10 being the best).

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WOW. Welcome to the VA world! Good Job @TigerPilot !


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So are we! Greetings from Brazil to Avianca VA.

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