Azul Rosa A330-900 Re-registration

With all the hype of the brand-new A330-900 that was released today, I thought in taking a close look at both Azuls (since I’m Brazilian and why wouldn’t I do that lol), and, to my unpleasant surprise, the Breast Cancer Awareness livery features factory registration and, even worse, a NY marking on the tail and the nose gear (from PR-ANY, the standard Azul A330neo currently in the sim) instead of the correct NV marking from the aircraft’s definitive registration PR-ANV. What I’m requesting is for the tail/nose gear NY marking to be corrected to NV and the factory registration to be replaced with the definitive PR-ANV registration, given the A330neo won’t be touched for many years since it released, well, in the day of the original post. With the devs aiming to make the sim as realistic as possible, I think this can’t go under the radar for years to come.

Its a registration……its not a big deal…

Just pretend the Y is a V, they are similar looking letters…

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That’s why I hate this “It’ll do” culture in IF


That often comes with bigger things, like engine sounds, not a one-letter difference in a registration…

I’d consider it something that should be fixed…it’s a French registration on a Brazilian registered aircraft.


With the devs wanting as much realism as possible, and as a proud Brazilian, I really can’t let that pass unless it was a joke like the EVA 78X or unknown like the Transaero A380, and it isn’t either

Also test reg 😤


although the plane is still in the factory, but the NY is wrong


people want as much realism in this sim… until something unrealistic is deemed as an “insignificant” issue

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I’m pretty sure if it was a Southwest or Frontier aircraft, it will be rapidly noticed without issues…

Anyway, this have my vote 🗳


I mean it’s realistic as it was the registration used in it’s production. Although I would like to see it changed, you can’t really say it’s unrealistic.


Basic Logic

Bring an A350 KLM?: I don’t see any problem with that

Confusing a prefix: No ball for this is just a small mistake

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The Southwest 737-700 Heart in-game is the reg of a 737-300 making this false :)


The test reg, yes, however the NY is plain wrong

also it would be uhhh… interesting to see the aircraft with a test registration in, say 2026, 4 or 5 years into service


It still hasn’t been fixed?

Let’s try to keep On-Topic


I see, didn’t read it through completely, yeah, hope this can eventually change in the near future.


I’d say the test reg is not all too unrealistic as the plane was once registered with it before entry to service (though not the best) but the -ANV and -ANY being mixed up is unacceptable since those are two different planes and liveries.

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This attitude won’t get IF anywhere in the long run, as problems are always viewed as minor and are not fixed, nor is it good for realism which I’m pretty sure all of us want.


I’ll vote because it’s simple, it would be a step in realism, and it’s something some people care about, so why not help a buddy out? :)


Please, devs, we will be as grateful as when this livery was confirmed if this is fixed 🙏


Do you guys even look at the registrations? 🥴
C’mon just fly