Azul Madness

Welcome Again!

Here we are again, yeah, today is Monday, par excellence the most boring day of each week, but today I decided to share some photos about the cute group flight we IFATC did yesterday with MishaCamp!

Flight Info

Departure airport: SBKP
Arrival Airport: SBTE
Aircraft: A320
Livery: Azul
Remarks: More than 50% of us got an app crash, me included.
Misha was testing the SID and rubbing in everyone’s face

Howm many aircraft has Azul in its fleet?

  • 140
  • 231
  • 173
  • None of these, I am afraid

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The correct option of last post’s poll was Río Grande, which only 7% got correct

I guess we were around: @Elefanths, @me, @Namir_Thobani, @Sashaz55, @Thunderbolt, @ MishaCamp, @Babacar, @Luke_Sta, @texasaviation, @ThomasR, @VulicityHD, @Davide_DC

And we could not miss our ATC! @Gopisreekanth_Chukka was our ground controller, @itzKeineer was our Tower one and @Jakub_Astary did his work with the radar frequency

And here are the photos

Finishing the boarding and loading

Another view of us parked

Our Air Traffic Controller managed to get us out very expeditiously

Who will forget the vertical stabilizer of the A320

Thanks for watching these pictures! Will see you on the skies!
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Nicely captured, I believe Azul is an underrated one even I am neither South American nor Brazilian :)

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wow! Gret shots m8!

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These are lovely @BinaryChess

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nice shots!

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It was a fun flight! Great Shots!

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Thanks @CapDUDE @Elefanths @Luke_King-kong @VulicityHD @Namir_Thobani! Cheers all of you