Azul Linhas Aéreas Embraer E195 (Trip Livery)

Commemorative livery for the merger between Azul and Trip. Looks really good, especially with the silver fuselage. Unfortunately the aircraft no longer wears these colours and now flies for TAP Express. With the upcoming E-Jet rework, I think this would be a great addition, however I’m fairly confident the E195 will not be the reworked variant.




Do you see my vote here?

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Yez :) haha

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Hey! The topic says it’s an “E195”, whereas it’s actually an “E190”. Just make a correction to the title of this topic.

After all, I always liked Trip, let’s wait if it will be possible to receive her at the IF. At the moment, I will not vote, only in the opportune future! :)

It is an E190 embraer, model E195