Azul Increases E195-E2 Order To 75 & Announces New York

Two noteworthy things coming from Azul Brazilian Airlines today.

(Image by Ariadne Barroso on JetPhotos)

Azul Increases E195-E2 Order From 51 To 75:

Azul is already a huge Embraer airline. The airline recently took delivery of their first few of Embraer’s brand-new E195-E2 aircraft and now has 75 on order. Azul also has over 50 regular E-195s in its fleet.

  • This is quite a massive win for Embraer as they have only received around 190 orders for their new E2 jets.

(Image by Airbus)

Azul Announces Viracopos/Campinas (VCP) To New York (JFK)

  • Azul has announced it will launch its third U.S. destination following nonstop flights from Campinas to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.
  • Azul’s Viracopos to New York flight will be operated with the Airbus A330 (unspecified whether CEO or NEO)
  • The flight launches June 15, 2020, and will operate once a day.
  • Flights are timed so passengers can connect onto Azul’s codeshare partner JetBlue in New York JFK.

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Overall, nice to see more orders for what I’m assuming are more of Embraer’s E2 jets.

The new Viracopos to New York sounds like a good choice for passengers and a nice alternative to Sao Paulo.


Updated Info:

Looks like it’s not a complete 75 order. Azul will increase its current order of E195-E2s from 51 to 75.

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